Victor Maurice
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Who We Are

Meet Kenny and John Vanden Berghe! Two brothers with a mutual passion: creating skilled craftsmanship for passionate people and help them to share their inspiration in a unique way.

Kenny is the founder and owner of Victor Maurice. If he’s not in his atelier drawing up new ideas, you’ll probably find him on a cultural trip on the other end of the world. As a passionate designer, his best friend is a sharp pencil. For him, that’s where it all begins.
Kenny holds a Master’s degree in both Industrial and Interior design and specialized himself in Arts & Crafts. After completing his education in England and Italy, he decided to pursue his passion for design in London. After gaining his first experiences in an English design atelier, he came back to Brussels to open his own in 2015.

John is the commercial energy behind Victor Maurice. If not at work, he can be found on a hockey field where he helps young players developing their talents. He also is the proud captain of his own hockey team at the Waterloo Ducks. Oh, and he has a First-Aid certification. You never know it might save your life one day. John holds a degree in both Corporate and Marketing Management and ran a small business specialized in textile screen printing before joining his brother in the atelier in 2016.